Fibonacci Network

A community driven web3 group - developing for Gamers, Content Creators, and Artists.

Introducing you the Fibonacci Wallet

Fibonacci Network

Our Native Wallet App

Download Fibonacci Wallet and learn about our off chain transaction solution for blockchains.

Run mining simulator directly on your mobile app and earn FIBO coins daily.

Fibonacci Network contract address

Use Cases

For Game Developers and Gamers

Game Developers will be able to setup their crypto payments within 10 minutes and start accepting crypto payments with our solution.

Fibonacci Wallet

For Content Creators

Connecting fans will be fun and easy with our Fiboverse solution!

Content creators will be able to create their interactive profiles in Fiboverse and Fans wil be able to access them with crypto.

For Artists

With our solution artist will be able to list their Music Albums of DeFi NFT platform and people will be able to invest in these upcoming Music albums as tokens.

Music will become a tradable asset just like stocks. And 21st century will redefine music and make it decentralized.

How to buy $FIBO tokens ? As of now.

To interact with Fibonacci Network and other decentralized applications on the Binance Smart Chain, you will first need to create a wallet compatible with the Smart Chain network like MetaMask.


    2022 - Q4 ( Oct - Dec )

  • Creation of group website -
  • Whitepaper release : Fibonacci Network Whitepaper
  • Creation of Fibonacci Network Token ( FIBO )
  • Pancake swap listing on FIBO token
  • Growing Fiboniacs community on twitter and telegram
  • Starting Development of Our wallet app - Fibonacci Wallet
  • Marketing - Youtube channel launch of Fibonacci Network

    2023 - Q1 ( Jan - Mar )

  • Launch of Fibonacci Wallet on Android with BNB, BUSD, and FIBO support.
  • Releasing Mining simulator for FIBO token in wallet
  • FIBO Token - 500 FIBO token airdrop each to first 10K user of Fibonacci Wallet
  • Fibonics Community - Continued growth on twitter and telegram
  • Marketing - Launch of marketing campaign

    2023 - Q2 ( Apr - Jun )

  • Launch of Fibonacci Wallet on iOS
  • Support for more coins - BTC, ETH, USDT, SOL
  • Fibonacci Wallet - Support for crypto payments APIs
  • Fibonacci Universe - Launch of ecosystem for FIBO token users
  • Fibonacci Universe - Launch of first game in Fibonacci Universe

    2023 - Q3 ( Jul - Sep )

  • Fibonacci Wallet - P2P crypto-fiat exchange launch
  • Fibonacci Universe - Launching more games on Fibonacci Universe
  • FIBO token - Listing on major exchange begins
  • FIBO token - Tie up with different companies for promotional use of FIBO token
  • Marketing - Growing Fibonacci Wallet users to 100K
  • Marketing - Reaching 50K subscriber on youtube channel

    2023 - Q4 ( Oct - Dec )

  • Fibonacci NFTs - Start working on Music NTF Platform
  • Fibonacci Universe - gather ideas for content creator platform
  • FIBO token - Increase Number of exchanges for token
  • FIBO token - Increase number companies who uses FIBO token
  • Marketing - 100K Users of Fibonacci Wallet
  • Marketing - 100K subscribers on Youtube channel


We are a small group of blockchain engineers with background in software engineering and maths. We are very passionate about the change web3 can bring to the world, and want to participate in this process.

If you want to connect with us send us mail at :


We named this project after one of the famous mathematicians Fibonacci. Fibonacci was the key mathematician who introduced the Indo-Arabic decimal based numeric system to Europe, and then the world of maths just took off. We believe in the same principles that art and content should not have any boundaries, and should not be regulated by large production houses and governments. We call our community members Fiboniacs. Meet our vibrant community of Fiboniacs.


Have some questions, suggestions or concerns email us at :